3D Printed Teeth Implants, All You Need To Know

3d printed teeth implants

Losing teeth is one of the worst experience that leaves the majority of us in dire straits. Tooth loss can occur as a result of aging, sporting accidents, poor dental hygiene, among other causes. Worse enough, it can be a total nightmare and costly to get a nippy perfect teeth replacement and have your natural smile back without unnecessary embarrassment. However, with the latest dentistry technology and the 3D printed teeth implants,  process has become more comfortable and accurate leaving millions of people who suffer teeth loss with smiles on their face. Today, 3D teeth printed teeth implants has become an integral part of dentistry across the globe.

What are 3D teeth printed teeth implants?

The 3D teeth implant process begin with scanning the patient’s mouth by a specialized scanner, using the contact or non-contact technologies. The device works by generating a super accurate patient’s dental surface image.

The specialized software translates the scanned image into a 3D image representation model which can either be a tooth, jaw or a set of teeth. After that, the specialized software prepares the image created into a 3D physical model.

There are two primary methods for creating a 3D physical model from the image representation. 3d printed teeth implants

1. Slicing, by the aid of the specialized software, the 3D digital image is subdivided into horizontal layers and then transmitted into a 3D printer which prints the physical model layer by layer until the process is complete.
2. CNC milling, this method involves transferring the original digital image into a milling machine which translates the image and then carves the 3D physical model out of the solid block material.

Advantages of 3D Teeth Implant

1. 3D teeth implant is super-quick, accurate and less messy as compared to traditional methods such as dental plaster models.
2. The procedure offers an individualized treatment hence better dental fitting.
3. Unlike the dental plaster method, with 3D teeth implant procedure, a single visit to a dental office can fix your dental problem permanently; thus it is more convenient for the patients.
4. With the increase in accessibility of 3D teeth implant technology and the 3D printer prices decreasing, patients will be able to undertake the procedure at rates comparable to conventional methods.
5. Also, dentists and maxillofacial surgeons benefit from this enthralling technology, since it is easier to store imaging files, refer and plan for treatments than bulky plaster casts.

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