Burned gums from teeth whitening

burned gums from teeth whitening

Everyone wants to have beautiful, healthy and white teeth. That’s the reason why we are often looking for teeth whitening products or teeth whitening treatments. It’s important to know that not every product and not every treatment is healthy for your teeth and gums. What does that actually mean? It means that the product’s ingredients are harmful to your gums and it also means that you have to pay particular attention when it comes to gum hygiene.

What causes burned gums from teeth whitening? It depends on the way in which teeth were whitened. There are two types of products you are able to use; toothpaste and peroxide bleaching agent. Toothpaste is usually not damaging because it does not contain ingredients that actually whitens teeth, usually it just removes yellow layers. Other products that offer teeth whitening mainly contain hydrogen peroxide. It’s important to know that hydrogen peroxide can be irritating for your gums. But the good news is that if it’s removed quickly, it probably won’t do any damage. If you you feel burning by using some product, the best advice you can get is to remove it as quick as it’s possible. burned gums from teeth whitening

If you really want good results and if you want truly white teeth, you should do the whitening in the dental office. It might be a more expensive option, but it’s also a more effective option. Dentists use special techniques and special products that are much different than those in teeth whitening products you can buy in stores. It leads us to the conclusion that it’s even much safer and probably much healthier option. In most cases, you won’t have burned gum after the teeth whitening process. Even if you do, you are able to consult with your dentist and the problem will be solved.

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