Complications of Dental Implants in the Elderly

complications of dental implants in the elderly

The world’s elderly population is growing rapidly across the globe. Despite the progressive developments in the oral health sector, the need for complex tooth rehabilitation is continuing to rise. There are some reported complications of dental Implants in the elderly that’s why several of them are becoming more curious to know how safe having a dental implant can be. The dental implants in Burwood clinic have proven to be safe and of high quality, making them quite known in the field. You may reach out to them for more information.


For the elders, loss of teeth is no longer an issue to worry about. Having implants is what matters as it provides them with another opportunity to chew their food and enjoy their old golden years. After all, it is normal for the majority of them to lose teeth as they age.

Having a dental implant can not only improve the elderly’s quality of life but also maintains their facial structure. However, some common complications of dental implants in the elderly. These include:

•The implant site can sometimes develop infections such as peri-implantitis. peri implantitis ComplicationThis infection if not properly addressed, can cause bone loss or implant failure among the elderly.

•Injury is also common, especially to the surrounding structures such as blood vessels, adjacent teeth, or gum tissues.

•The elderly can also suffer from nerve damage. This can sometimes cause pain, numbness, or itchiness in your other teeth, gums or chin.

Sinus problem. During surgery, the dental implants can sometimes protrude in the jaw bone and sinus cavities leading to inflamed sinuses. This condition is more prevalent among the older generations, and it is associated with lots of pain and irritation.


Therefore, it is highly recommended that you seek a comprehensive dental examination and checkup before having a dental implant. Also, tell your doctor about your past medical history. Depending on what health condition you have, the doctor will prescribe appropriate antibiotics to help reduce implant complications. The good news is that statistics have it that the majority of dental implants always go successful.

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