Dental Crown Implants

Dental Crown Implants

Dental crown implants are used for tooth replacements regardless of the technology. Dental crowns have been in use for years now, and some of them have been fixed on a non-permanent basis, and also the latest ones are being used for dental crown implant for permanent fixtures. Dental crowns are also known as caps. They are used to fix the area where the tooth has been pulled off and needs a replacement. The fixtures are of different types.

Crown ImplantsThe root canal treatment uses a crown made of ceramic which looks the same as your previous teeth which had been drilled and removed. This cap is placed with an adhesive which lasts for about six to seven years usually when the time comes for a change; you need to visit the dentist and have it replaced with a new one. Whenever somebody develops decay, and the tooth gets corroded beyond a certain extent, the dentist drills the tooth and removes the bacteria and gives a temporary crown made of metal and sends the molded impression of the original teeth to the laboratory. After a couple of days, you are requested to visit the dentist for the fixture of the permanent crown.

Many people are now opting for dental implants which are mighty expensive. There is a hole drilled into the jaw bone to fix the titanium which acts as the anchor for the implant. Then once the crown is prepared, it is set permanently on the implant which seems to be more suitable and also durable in the long run.

For regular fixtures like root canal treatment, the tooth is filed correctly to make it suitable for the dental crown. The dentist takes an X-ray of your jaw to see the presence of any internal infections in the pulp. Based on the X-ray he takes further action and decides the nature of treatment and what kind of crown he should prepare.

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