Options to Fix a Broken Tooth

fix a broken tooth

Even though tooth enamel is recognized as the strongest tissue in the body, it too can break. Common causes of a broken or knocked-out tooth include biting down on a hard substance, facial impact, and the tooth-weakening effect induced by cavities. Since a broken tooth may precipitate infection or further damage, it’s recommended to seek prompt professional assistance. You might have asked, “Can I visit the hospital if my tooth is knocked out?” A dentist can help guide a patient through a number of options to fix a broken tooth. There are also hospitals that can help you with your broken tooth.


Bonding is an option in cases of minor breakages, which involve the loss of small fragments of enamel. The bonding material itself is formed of an enamel-colored composite resin.

This procedure is required to enable the bonding material to successfully adhere to the broken tooth’s surface. Once the bonding material has been applied, the next step involves carefully shaping the composite resin to match the natural contours of the surrounding teeth.


A crown is an option in cases where a significant segment of the tooth has been damaged. Fitting a crown can improve aesthetic appearance, provide protection to the underlying tooth, and safeguard against losing the affected tooth.

The procedure to fit a crown begins with the dentist filing down the remaining part of the tooth. A tooth impression is then made using a malleable putty-like substance. This impression will be sent to a laboratory and serve as a mold for a permanent crown, which will be fitted later.

Dental Veneer

A dental veneer is a custom-made device which serves as a type of tooth cover. It can be made from either porcelain or composite resin.

In order to fit a veneer, a dentist will first remove a thin layer of surface enamel from the affected tooth. Tooth impressions are taken to provide a template for the permanent veneer. The veneer is then attached to the tooth with a cement-like substance, which acts as an adhesive.

Root Canal

In cases of severe breakages, it can be imperative to perform root canal surgery. The root canal method is regularly employed in conjunction with fitting a crown. An artificial structure is created around a post which has been surgically embedded in the root canal. This newly raised structure provides the foundation onto which a crown can then be placed.

dental implantDental Implant

To fix a broken tooth, the use of a dental implant is reserved for cases in which the damage has occurred close to the gum line. Indeed, since in such unfortunate scenarios the tooth is no longer salvageable, proceeding with a dental implant represents the only feasible option to treat the issue.      After the broken tooth has been extracted, a titanium post, which is designed to act as a substitute tooth root, is embedded in the jaw bone.

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