What Are The Reasons For Gum Infection After Root Canal?

What Are The Reasons For Gum Infection After Root Canal

A trip to the dentist can be a relief if a patient is experiencing severe day after day toothache. Yet, there can be more than just the teeth’s surface that needs cleaning. When the gum infection of tooth decay starts to become worse, a root canal may be your other option. Although it is common for dental clinics to offer root canal procedures today, there is still a prevention method that many individuals can do. Before going to a dentist, you should know what the reasons for this gum infection are. Patients can also read about the procedures at for further explanation. 


What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

A tooth can cause problems if tooth decay starts to spread its bacterial infection inside the pulp. The dental pulp is an area where 75-80% of it is water, and the rest is filled with blood vessels and nerves. Hence, when the bacteria grow inside, the patient must have root canal treatment or the extraction of the decayed pulp. Nowadays a root canal can also be performed using laser dentistry. After this, the endodontist will fill the decayed tooth root with filling. The procedure will stop the bacteria from attacking the tooth root again. Often, the root canal treatment is successful, with no signs of gum infection. On the other hand, there may be uncommon cases of still having gum infection due to previously cracked teeth and the growth of dental abscess.


What Causes Gum Infection After Root Canal?

Probably, you as a patient were wondering why you still feel the same pain even after getting your pulp extracted. One of the complications from getting a procedure from your endodontist is continuous gum infection after root canal. Tooth abscess usually happens due to cracked teeth or root that enhances gum infection. When pus starts to grow, you may have to go back to your dental specialist immediately. 

  • Undetected Crack In Root Of Tooth 

Gum Infection After Root Canal Symptoms

Inevitably, there can be many reasons for complications during and after a dental restoration procedure. One of them is the undetected crack in the root of the tooth. This issue is more likely overlooked due to the missing details on X-rays. Hence, your preferred dental clinic must always have more than one radiograph assessment for your ongoing root canal operation. 

  • Breakdown Of Filling Materials Over Time

A filling material may break down after many months or years of having root canal. The materials may become loose or dissolved since soft tissue can’t support the materials anymore. 

  • Improper Dental Hygiene

Dentists always remind their patients that speedy recovery and healing after any dentistry provided service requires regular dental hygiene. Hence, when a person feels that toothache and gum pain, it may be due to bacterial infection spreading on other parts of their mouth. If you’re looking for a good electric toothbrush that can help you maintain your dental hygiene, you can check out this post about the best Oral-B electric toothbrush models.

  • Dental Amalgam Material Isn’t Enough

When a specialized doctor of root canal fills in the infected canals, it may be a possibility of having recontamination due to defective materials. So, if this risk occurs, it may be best to go back to your endodontist to refill the pulp area once more. 

  • Root Didn’t Heal Properly

Canals of teeth are usually clean since it contains only water and soft tissues. Hence, when the necrotized pulp is extracted, the tissue surrounding the pulp may become sensitive to a newer dental filling like an amalgam. 

  • Malpractice Of The Doctor

Dentistry is not an easy job. That explains why it requires much precision and experience of a doctor of dental medicine. If you are going to have your root canal treatment soon, check their dental clinic reviews online. It may be best if you get a referral from someone you already trust. It is expensive to pay for fillings if people keep on having their procedure over and over again. 


Symptoms Of Gum Infection After Root Canal Therapy:

At times, the symptoms of infections are asymptomatic. This term means that there are no signs of infection from the root canal treatment at all. With this in mind, it may be hard to detect the possible issues of gum infection. Whether or not it is entirely due to root canal may be only suggested by your board-certified doctor. That said, these are some of the issues that you may see that vary during your recovery from root canal.


Is It Risky To Have Gum Infection?

Anyone can get dental diseases that may further get complications without immediate treatment. From children to older adults, it is a risk to have a gum infection. Many cases of periodontal diseases start from cavities that may look harmless at first. This sticky substance contains germs and bacteria that form a plaque where the bacteria resides. If the cavities from food debris start to grow and spread into the gum line, it may swell or inflame the gums and into the bones. That explains why many patients with severe jaw pain have cavities and gingivitis after their radiography examinations. If a patient is not careful of his or her oral health care, it may cause further health complications. 


Other Health Problems Linked With Periodontal Diseases

Dental health is crucial as it supports our overall well-being. However, when a person gets infected due to bacteria, many health issues may occur. Check out which illnesses you may need to consult your doctor as soon as possible. 

  • Stroke

Heart diseases can vary and may have subcategories due to its causes and reasons. However, both stroke and heart attack are mainly due to bacteria found in the bloodstream of a patient. A stroke happens when there is a clog due to plaque from either cholesterol. Or, there may be too much blood pumping in the bloodstream. What is the relationship between stroke and periodontal diseases? Scientist says that plaque in the nerves of the brain causes stroke and more patients show issues of gingivitis during this period.  

  • Premature Births For Pregnant Women

Women who are in their pregnancy period may also have repercussions. Unborn babies may have premature birth due to bacterial infection caused by cavities and tooth decay.

  • Heart Attack

Gum Infection After Root Canal

To save yourself from the heightening risk of heart attack, it is possible to link heart issues with bacteria in the mouth as well. A person with nerve infections in the gums shows that bacteria spread through other parts of the body by the bloodstream. As mentioned earlier, germs can block the bloodstream making a person prone to high blood pressure, and eventually, a heart attack may happen. You can prevent this from happening by going to your primary care physician or dentist regularly. 


What Should Patients Do To Prevent Tooth Decay?

After knowing the causes, symptoms, and risk factors of gum infection after root canal, it is best to know the ways how to prevent tooth decay. Start by properly maintaining your teeth with brushing, flossing, and rinsing your mouth. Sometimes, teeth sensitivity may have their products. So, it is better to ask your dentist for any recommendations on dental products. 

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