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How to manage breast augmentation scars

breast augmentation scars

An invasive surgery like breast augmentation has some of the best results for women. But, it also has one of the greatest worries which is the development of scars. When you are preparing for a breast augmentation you must be aware of breast augmentation scars and how to deal with them in the right way. Advance preparations to control the scars is possible even before breast augmentation to make them less visible after the surgery. Here are some of the tips that can be used to reduce breast augmentation scars.

1.Using a supportive bra

Supportive bras play an important role when it comes to breast augmentation and scar elimination. Depending on the advice given by your surgeon, the first few months after surgery will require you to have a supportive bra longer to reduce stress on the scars. The scar tissues will be supported to develop perfectly since this is the time they begin to develop.

2.Gentle and frequent massage breast augmentation scars

This is the best technique to flatten and soften the scar after breast augmentation surgery that you can do at home. The use of oil during the massage process will help speed up the healing process of scars as the slight pressure applied will help increase blood flow. When you begin the massage early enough, it will reduce the formation of collagen in one area during the healing as it can easily distribute them hence reducing on the scar formation.

3.Apply cream

Even though some women may have the scar disappearing in a natural way, others can adopt the use of creams to eliminate the scars. Different creams are available to support the scar elimination process and they include silicon treatment, softening and antibacterial. All the creams must be used according to the instructions given by the surgeon in order to make them 100% effective.Try to contact a local plastic surgery clinic near your area to make sure.

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