List of Common Dental Procedures

common dental procedures

It is important for a person to have healthy teeth since they are used for eating food, and any problem with the teeth can adversely affect the overall health of the person. Additionally dental problems like toothache are extremely painful making it difficult for a person to sleep at night or do other work, reducing the productivity. For any dental problem, it is advisable to consult a dentist at the earliest and get the problem fixed professionally. We have collected a list of common dental procedures from for you to avail in one of your dental visits.

It is observed that some of the most common dental procedures which dentists carry out on patients are;

  • Cleaning the teeth of the patient periodically to remove the plaque and dirt on the teeth, detect any type of dental problem at an early stage and check the overall dental health.
  • Filling the cavities in the teeth, with silver, gold, ceramic fillings after removing all the bacteria which caused the cavities. Usually cement filling is used initially and replaced by other fillings.
  • Root canal treatment in case the tooth is damaged, to remove the decayed pulp and nerves in the teeth.
  • Fitting a cap on the tooth after a root canal treatment of the tooth, or filling the cavities.
  • Fitting a cap on the tooth, in case of fracture, broken or damaged tooth.common dental procedures
  • In some cases, the tooth is broken or completely decayed, a root canal will not be able to fix the problem and the tooth will have to be removed. The milk teeth of children may also be removed. Tooth extraction is one of the most common dental procedures
  • To replace a missing or extracted tooth, a tooth implant is fixed, so that the patient can continue to eat.
  • Fixing and alignment of crooked and misaligned teeth using braces, metal braces or invisalign may be used depending on the budget of the user.

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