Are Meridian Tooth Chart And Periodontal Chart The Same?

Are Meridian Tooth Chart And Periodontal Chart The Same

Do you ever wonder how your dentists know which teeth pocket to clean plaque? Aside from the X-ray imaging, your dentist must be keen on looking at your teeth and gums through a dental mirror. Yet, a gum doctor, such as a periodontist, will use a periodontal chart to save tooth information from their patient. There are many benefits when it comes to properly guide the doctor on his or her knowledge about a patient’s dental concern. Hence, there may be many ways to help identify tooth issues like using a meridian tooth chart. However, can a meridian tooth chart really eliminate possible gum concerns? 


What Is A Meridian Tooth Chart?

Based on ancient Chinese medicine, a meridian tooth chart guides acupuncturists on determining which tooth points are connected to other parts of the body. This meridian tooth chart helps acupuncturists to perform acupuncture for the release of Qi, or energy that may have a blockage. According to their studies, a meridian tooth chart can determine the causes of tooth problems such as cavities and plaque. Hence, a person’s health may improve if the meridians are free of these barriers. Today, many reflexology specialists claim that holistic dentistry can use a meridian tooth chart as a part of oral surgery and periodontal procedures. 


How Can Meridian Tooth Chart Help Periodontists?

Is there a relationship between the meridian tooth chart and how one can deeply clean plaque? Holistic dental doctors may use meridians as a guide to performing their deep cleaning in gums and teeth. It may help them identify which dental diseases are present in a person’s mouth. Moreover, the meridians can also prevent unnecessary teeth pain while doing tooth extraction that may affect a patient’s organ. There is an interactive flow of energy from an organ through meridians that increases a person’s health and wellbeing. On the other hand, a disclaimer from doctors of dental medicine (DDS) says there is still no scientific evidence for using this biological wellness system. If you are a patient that may want to proceed, do so in caution. 


Meridian Tooth Chart And Peridontal Chart: Are They The Same?

Meridian Tooth Chart DentistryIn dentistry, meridian tooth chart and periodontal chart are not the same in concept. A periodontal chart is a record that your dentists or periodontics doctor will use to monitor their patient’s plaque issue. Along with the analysis, a periodontist may use this periodontal chart to check bleeding signs that lead to gum recession. The chart may either be printable information or can be interactive using software through digital technology. Many oral health care doctors use this gum tissue measurement as a way to prevent gum disease. Hence, it may be best for patients to ask if their doctors do periodontal charting before their gum treatment.


What Should Patients Do For Their Gum Pain?

It is easy to understand that many patients look for immediate pain relief, no matter what the approach is. However, it may be a risk for a person’s oral health when there are no scientific guidelines in looking at an interactive meridian chart. So, to know if your organs are well, it may be better to ask a doctor to see the connection. Regardless, there are related organ systems that may get problems due to the specific connection of bacterial infections in the body. Eliminate your pain by going to a dentist’s clinic regularly.

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