3 Quality Missing Tooth Replacement Options From Your Dentist

3 Quality Missing Tooth Replacement Options From Your Dentist

Teeth are one of the essential body parts of the human body. Primarily, humans have teeth for cutting, grinding, and chewing food. Without teeth, people may have a hard time getting all the nutrition that they need. Yet, there are many individuals without a complete set of teeth. For this reason, several missing tooth replacement options are available at dental clinics. You may also visit for further options that you can preview. Some dental clinics also have portfolios for before and after pictures from their latest clients. These treatments can all be useful in restoring missing teeth. How can teeth make an impact on everyone’s life? 


Top 5 Causes Of Missing Or Broken Teeth

A broken or disappearing teeth may either be caused by external or internal factors. Several diseases in the mouth are usually from bacterial infection. Yet, missing teeth may also happen due to injuries, accidents, or even genes. You can ask your preferred doctor of dental medicine to secure information about the reasons why you are missing a tooth or even a number of teeth. Replacement options can be available once the diagnosis and assessment are made via an X-ray.


Accidents And Injuries

A knocked-out tooth can definitely be a significant problem for people, especially the pain felt after the experience. A denture can be temporary to replace the tooth. However, if your oral and maxillofacial surgeon sees other fractures, you may have to do more than one replacement for your face. 



Missing Tooth Replacement Options

As far as genetics is concerned, people who want missing tooth replacement options all come from congenital disabilities. According to the American Prosthodontics Association, above 36 million Americans may have absent teeth with two is to one ratio. Although missing teeth are common, genetically lost teeth is unusual. Tooth agenesis is a rare disease with three aspects, oligodontia, hypodontia, and adontia. These lead to the absence of permanent teeth by the ages 12 to 14. 


Tooth Decay Due To Cavities

A popular procedure to treat decay is by having a root canal therapy to extract the infected pulp inside a tooth. The cavities can also lead to an abscess or the infection in the tip of the root. It is vital to address the cavities at the start of any symptom. 



Are your gums bleeding a lot? If yes, then you might be experiencing periodontal or gum disease. As far as dentistry technology is concerned, rejuvenation of gums through alternatives are far from perfect. Hence, if you want to prevent missing teeth, you must be careful during the recovery period of your tooth extraction.


Dental Extraction Complications

Unexpected side effects of dental work may also lead to the problems of looking for missing tooth replacement options. A person whose gums did not heal fully after extraction may show deep or dry sockets where bacteria can form. In this situation, a general dentist may refer you to a periodontal specialist to encourage the soft tissues of the gums to heal. 


3 Missing Tooth Replacement Options

The consequences of missing teeth can be alarming for everyone. The first thing that it can affect is the nutrition that people get from the food. If a person can’t chew their food properly, they may either spit it out or swallow it whole.  The impact of missing teeth in a person’s daily lifestyle can be huge.  Hence, a prosthesis is a state of the art replacements for missing tooth or set of teeth. In a person’s bite problem, these three missing tooth replacement options can vary. In particular, a child may not have a bridge or implant due to their soft and underdeveloped tissues in gums. The nerves may also become sensitive and can even be a risk factor for gum recession. The option for replacing teeth may depend on the availability of your gum tissue or bone foundation.



Most dentures are removable as the common patients that require dentures are seniors or older adults. However, full or complete dentures can also be fixed inside the mouth. This instance can be common for seniors that have weak gums to hold the prosthetic appliance. On the contrary, partial dentures may only cover a specific area of the mouth. Some of these dentures can either be permanent or fixed inside the person’s teeth. As cheap as the material may get, these partial dentures may deteriorate over time, and the crown may not be enough to cover the front or the back of the mouth.



Apart from dentures, bridges can also be partial or fixed. This traditional prosthetic appliance is still beneficial for those who can’t afford the expensive missing tooth replacement options today. Artificial treatment for a solution such as a bridge may also have downsides as these options are limiting for patients with unaligned gums.



One of the innovative restoration procedures in dental technology, dental implants are less of a hassle when it comes to a person’s bite. Implants are designed as a fixed prosthetic attached in the jawbones beneath a person’s gums. There is a less chance of a gap in between the gum line and teeth which makes the crowns look even more natural. An implant can be replacing a single tooth, or it can have multiple treatments for surrounding bone. Implants procedure, on the contrary, can cost up to $8,000 or more. 


What Are The Restrictions For These Treatments?

Missing Tooth Replacement Options Results

Despite the many benefits of having orthodontic or prosthetic dentistry for teeth restoration, not all patients can avail replacements for a missing tooth. Some health restrictions like pregnancy, chronic diseases, viral infections, and others can be a hindrance for having bridges, dentures, or implants. The cost of affordable solutions can also be the reason why many patients don’t replace their front or back molars, canines or incisors.


Preventing Missing Teeth From This Tip

A person’s smile is precious, as oral health care can lead to other health complications. Apart from the dental diseases that people may acquire, the loss of healthy pearls is dangerous. How do you prevent missing teeth? According to dental experts, dental hygiene with the use of soft bristle toothbrush can scrape dirt and plaque without degrading your dentin. 

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