The advantages of using mouthguards for braces

mouthguards for braces

Special mouthguards for braces should be used by young athletes. This article will talk about how these mouthguards are used and the benefit of using them. After reading this article, if you need a mouthguard, at Mobile Mouthguards in Sydney you can find options to even customize your mouthguard.


Importance of using mouthguards in sports


Practicing a sport is all fun and games until an accident is met. If a person practices a sport, especially a contact sport, there is a need for them to be extra careful with their teeth. Accidents may happen and put the teeth of the athlete at risk. Many risks accompany sports, part of these risks is having teeth damaged, broken, cracked or even knocked out during the game.mouthguards for braces


Using mouthguards can prevent teeth from getting damaged and keep the game lively and happy. Mouthguards reduce the amount of stress that is put on the teeth, especially during combat sports, like martial arts. If a person does not wear a mouthguard, there will be a greater risk of having damage to their teeth.


Mouthguards for braces


This type of mouthguard is specially designed to protect the teeth of young athletes who wear braces – and for adults who wear braces too. Mouthguards for braces are made to fit over the brackets and the wire and protect both the braces and the teeth of the person wearing them. On top of protecting the teeth from any damage that may be caused by bumps during the sport itself, it will also prevent any damage to the surrounding soft tissue in the mouth. The brackets may cause significant damage to the inner cheeks and gums if a protective mouthguard is not worn over the teeth.


This type of mouthguard is made to be able to conform to the shape of the mouth, even as the teeth adjust. This will make it convenient for the wearer to not have to purchase a new mouthguard every few months.


What if a tooth is knocked out?


If a young athlete that has baby teeth has a tooth that is knocked out, it is not a cause for too much worry. However, if an adult’s tooth is knocked out, they should seek treatment from a dentist immediately. If the tooth is brought to a dentist within 30 minutes of the incident, there is a greater chance that the dentist will be able to reconnect the tooth successfully.


Should you buy a mouthguard for braces?


If you or your child practice a sport that requires the use of a mouthguard, buying a mouthguard that will protect their teeth, gums and soft tissues in their mouth is a good investment. Remember that an ounce of prevention is still better than a pound of cure. If the mouthguard can protect your child’s mouth from harm, it will make practicing the sport they love safer for them. If you have any questions about a mouthguard for braces, a dentist can help answer those questions.

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