Pain After Root Canal Treatment (Causes and How to Manage)

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Have you undergone a root canal treatment? Why do we need it? Have you encountered root canal pain after the treatment? How much pain have you felt? What can you do to relieve that pain? Was it normal? Does it have advantages with undergoing the treatment? ADC Dubbo can help, go to! Let’s find the answers together.


What is a Root Canal by the way?

Root canals are performed when a tooth is seriously rotten or infected, that when left untreated can be life-threatening. The pulp will be removed and sealed to save the tooth, connecting nerves, and the other teeth from being infected. The interior of the tooth is will somehow be resistant for future decays. Hence, proper oral care should always be observed. The dentist may push through deep cleaning of canals, and it may affect the surrounding nerves and gums and may lead to irritation.

There are symptoms that you may have to make you go ahead to meet your dentist and schedule for a root canal treatment. Here are a few:

  • Encounters pain when chewing or biting.
  • Gum problems (swollen, tender or darkening of gums)
  • A chipped or cracked tooth
  • Teeth become sensitive to hot or cold food.
  • Severe swelling

Having the above symptoms, you should have already thought to have a schedule with your dentist and have it treated. Root canal treatment is a significant procedure. Therefore, feeling pained after the treatment is normal. On the other hand, this root canal pain won’t last a lifetime either. After that, you will be able to get back to your broad smiles, biting, and chewing at no particular time.

There will be no room for fear to undertake the procedure if you long to have your tooth back to being healthy again. Undergoing a root canal will help you save yourself from feeling more pain due to a fractured or decayed tooth. It’s better to feel temporary root canal pain from a treated tooth than suffer a lot more due to fractured or decayed teeth, I guess.


Managing Pain Before and After

The dentist knows best!

Dentist ready to serve youNowadays, undergoing a root canal treatment is not as painful as it seems back in the old days since dentists are now applying local anesthetic to lessen the pain that the patient will feel during the procedure. Your dentist will know how many sessions you have to take for your root canal treatment based on the condition of your affected tooth and considering if you have personal concerns.

Neglecting your tooth problem may lead to affecting the other teeth and the different parts of your body as well due to its infection, which may also cause your life to be in danger if not treated. Would you choose a life-threatening situation than a temporary pain undergoing the treatment? I prefer the latter and quickly get back to my regular routines with my bright smile and keep up with a good appetite.

Whatever kind of procedure we undergo, there will always be an after-effect of pain. In case you tend to experience root canal pain or swelling still is there for quite some time already after undergoing the treatment, seeking back to your dentist is advised. Typically, the problem and the discomfort caused by the treatment should only take up to 3 days and should not last longer than that.

Your dentist will surely be able to recognize the reason for your extended pain after the treatment. There has to be a reason for this, and the dentist will also know what to do next to be able to cure the pain completely. Redoing the treatment might be a consideration. Also, the evaluation of the condition is valuable. Further re-checking of the condition must be done to be able to perform the proper treatment. Nevertheless, trust your dentist. He’ll know what to do and get it done in no time.

Here are a few causes that you may consider and might give a little explanation of why you feel pain after undergoing the treatment:

  • Worn out local anesthetic resulting in mild pain and sensitivity
  • There’s a need to increase cleaning sessions.
  • The treated tooth has a newly placed crown.
  • There is a recurring pain from the affected tooth.
  • Observed bad eating habit after the root canal treatment.
  • Severe swelling after the treatment.


Recovering from Temporary Pain

During this period of recovery, after having the treatment, you would still feel mild discomfort. However, this could never be a reason why you would stop returning to your usual routines, like work, going to school, etc. Until the pain or swelling is completely gone, the food you eat and your eating habits should not affect your current condition. You will welcome the food with a healthy set of teeth and eat preciously as if you have not undergone any treatment. Your teeth deserve proper oral care after lengthy chewing and biting.

It is always customary to lay back a little from the regular routines after undergoing any procedure, so ensure that you are entirely healed enough before you get back. Moreover, waiting for a bit of time away from these routines will not harm. In return, you will not have more massive disadvantages after forcing yourself to be back immediately. Having a complete rest will help you make it through the temporary pain.

In every procedure, we can always have some techniques that we can use to manage or lessen the pain felt. Here are some for this kind of course that you may put into practice:

  • Temporarily take medications/pain relievers prescribed by your dentist.
  • Taking care of your teeth by avoiding hard and crunchy foods
  • Consider doing stress-relieving activities, such as meditation, yoga, and tai chi.
  • Clearing up bad eating habits.
  • Following proper oral hygiene.
  • Temporarily stop lifting heavy objects (up until wholly healed).
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Read books or watch a movie.
  • Enjoy a warm bath to lessen the tension caused by the pain.


Thoughts to Ponder Toward a Brighter Smile Ahead

perfect smile after the root canal treatmentMaintain the proper care for your teeth if you want to avoid the root canal treatment. Do a regular visit to your favorite dentist in town. Above all, ensuring a healthy set of teeth, free from any infection, will always be worth it. Good appetite and fair food should match a good set of teeth. Follow proper oral hygiene. As a result, it will always lead to a brighter smile onward. Have a bright smile with a healthy set of teeth and don’t let your lips do the smiling solely.

Ya-ha! Smile and the world smiles back at you. If you need emergency dental treatments, you can visit this website for more info.

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