When Should My Child See A Pediatric Orthodontist?

When Should My Child See A Pediatric Orthodontist

Dental care is available for every person, regardless of how old or young they are. Oral health has a considerable impact that affects a person’s confidence and overall well-being. It is crucial to treat teeth and gums’ problems to address diseases, their side effects, and symptoms. 

Parents may check BDC’s orthodontic services to learn why pediatric dentistry is best for children. Dental care can be a challenging responsibility, not just for moms or dads but also for their kids. If you want to know why to visit a pediatric orthodontist soon, read ahead for more details. 


Advantages Of Pediatric Dentistry

Children can develop cavities, caries, and mild gum disease such as gingivitis even before becoming a teen. An exposed tooth root to bacteria may lead to severe health dental or medical concerns in the future. 

So, for parents that want to avoid the consequences of toothaches, bleeding, and swelling gums, visit a pediatric dentistry clinic. Here are some advantages that patients should know as early as they can.


Guide Jaw And Teeth Alignment At An Early Age 

Baby teeth and permanent teeth may overlap each other, and children who get impacted wisdom teeth are common. Through time teeth can start shifting and malocclusion or crowded teeth occurs. A child may get braces as soon as they start having stronger bones since the dental appliance may pressure their gums, soft tissues, and jaw. 

Your pediatric dentistry team will diagnose and analyze children’s oral condition using an X-ray examination. Speak to your current dentist to know any referrals to a specialized dentist for your child’s oral care. 


Prevent Cavities And Gum Diseases

Pediatric Orthodontist Treatment

Over the years, kids may have become picky eaters due to what they see on social media. Sugar and carbohydrates aren’t managed well by parents since most people become lazy to prepare healthy diet meals. 

Cavities and gum diseases are prominent for kids since they don’t know the difference between sugar and healthy food. With that said, pediatric dentistry also teaches parents and children awareness for their mouth’s health.

Orthodontics experts may also advise on how to brush a child’s teeth, floss without bleeding, and rinsing with the right mouthwash. 


Provide Nurture And Trust For Child Patient Care

Children are usually afraid of going to a dental clinic. How should kids trust people they don’t know and will invade their privacy by opening their mouths? A pediatric orthodontist can offer trust and nurture that children and families may not see for every office. 

If you want your children to reap the positive effects of managed teeth and gums while they are young, consider visiting a pediatric dentistry clinic near your location.


Professional Training That Not Every Dentist Can Do

Since pediatric dentistry is a branch of dental medicine specializing in kid’s oral healthcare, you may not expect the same procedure for a general dentist. Although most general dentists know to conduct dental checkups, there are limitations to what they can do for treatment.

An orthodontist, per se, has the certification, license, and training to proceed with the right treatment that your children will need. Moreover, a pediatric orthodontist can give the right prescription medicine, analyze complex diagnosis for the whole mouth, and identify if surgery is necessary for a complete procedure.  


What Is A Pediatric Orthodontist?

Pediatric orthodontists are different from general pediatric dentists since they specialize in early orthodontic treatments for kids. Pediatric orthodontics focuses not just on guiding teeth alignment but also on treating crooked teeth or misalignment. Most parents that want high-quality dentistry may schedule an appointment with a specialist that has training for braces, retainers, and aligners. 

You can expect your child’s experience to be excellent with a dentist’s specialty to provide high – quality treatment. Patients may have coverage from health insurance programs like Medicaid or PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) to maintain their smiles. Children that become adults will know the great benefits of going through a phase when parents care for their oral health. 


When Should Children Visit A Pediatric Orthodontist?

Pediatric Orthodontist

By age seven (7), many children have most of their baby teeth developing and can even require malocclusion treatment. However, orthodontists recommend families visit a pediatric orthodontist service once they are ages 12 to 13. Sturdier jawbones are recommended to prevent issues like broken or fractured teeth. You may want to know more details by visiting an orthodontics center or clinic for your child’s dental care.


If You See These Symptoms, Visit A Pediatric Dentistry Clinic Soon

Unexpected dental problems may still cause serious diseases that require a pediatric specialist like a staff of orthodontics. A dentist with pediatric practice can check the causes of any of these symptoms. Furthermore, you may speak to them regarding the right dentistry treatment for your child. Orthodontics can also be limited, so for issues like gum disease, jaw and neck concerns, or any oral and maxillofacial problems, speak to the right specialized dentist. 


  • Visit your emergency dental office or pediatric dentistry clinic for these issues:
  • Loose or Knocked-out Tooth
  • Severe Toothaches
  • Broken or fractured teeth from an injury or accident
  • Gum bleeding, swelling, or inflammation

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