Prosthodontics procedures can be used to brighten up your smile

prosthodontic procedures can help restore your smile

There are many ways to make your teeth new. But what about if you have lost teeth or have teeth that are damaged beyond repair? For these situations, many prosthodontics procedures can help restore your smile to what it was before. This dentist in Burwood is experienced in prosthodontics, visit his page to explore the services and treatments.

What is a prosthodontist?

What is the difference between a general dentist and prosthodontist? Prosthodontics is the specialization of dentistry that would specialize in the replacement of lost teeth. These types of dentists understand the importance of a great smile with a complete set of teeth and how that relates to gum health, the risk of bone loss and the overall beauty of the face.

The procedures that they perform would specialize in the restoration of oral health by way of replacing teeth that are damaged or lost. Their job is to replace the teeth, whether only partially or completely, using substances that are safe and biocompatible.

Prosthodontics procedures

There are many ways that prosthodontics procedures can be used to brighten up your smile. Depending on your needs, you can have a confident smile again in no time.

-Dentures. Dentures are used for patients who no longer have any natural teeth left. This procedure will entail the prosthodontist a creating synthetic set of teeth for the patient to wear. However, many patients feel discomfort when wearing dentures because it can chafe the gums when they are prosthodontic procedures can help restore your smileworn. This is where dental implants come in.

-Dental implants. Like dentures, implants are put in to replace a missing tooth. They differ from dentures in one particular aspect – they are not removable. They are placed into the jawbone and they will be integrated into the bone when they will have completely healed. They can be used to replace missing teeth. In some cases, patients may have all their teeth replaced by implants.

-Bridges. If there is one tooth that is missing, then the gap can be filled by a bridge. This process involves one or both of the teeth on either side to be prepared for a bridge, and then a false tooth is joined to the crown to replace the missing tooth.

-Veneers. A veneer is used when there is slight damage or discoloration of a tooth. A small part of the surface of the tooth is scratched off to reveal the enamel and then a synthetic material is bonded to the front of the tooth.

-Crowns. To make a crown, the tooth must first be shaped to be able to have the crown fitted on top of it. The crowns are not removable, just like the veneers, bridges, and implants.

If you have missing teeth, it is still possible to get your confident smile back! Don’t be discouraged because you have many options, many prosthodontic procedures can help restore your smile and give you a perfect set of teeth again. Visit your prosthodontist today. They will tell you which procedures would work best for you.


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