Can you stop snoring with mouth guard?

snoring mouth guard

Snoring is a condition that is not accommodating more so when sharing a room. It becomes a challenge to the person sleeping next to a person with the condition. Also, it affects the self-esteem of the victim. To curb or reduce the condition, different measures have been put in place to help minimize the condition.

There are different gadgets that claim to even do away with snoring. And among the items is a mouthguard. You might have heard that a mouth guard might help with snoring. To understand much about the tool and it’s efficiency in tackling the problem, here is all you need to know.

What are mouthguards?

snoring mouth guardThey are gadgets used in protecting you from injuries during sports or stop the teeth from clenching or grinding during sleep. Researches also have it that the device can do away with an obstructive condition of sleep apnea and reduce snoring. And the devices that help regulate snoring are commonly known as, snoring mouth guards.

As a result of the different conditions that mouthguard can minimize or do away with, the item comes in three versions depending on the purpose of the purchase. Therefore, the different properties will help you identify the perfect mouthguard for your issue.

This article is going to take you through the relationship between the mouthguard and snoring. Keep reading to understand more about how effective the item is, the features of a mouthguard relevant for a snoring person and much more.

Are mouthguards a remedy for snoring?

Yes, mouthguards can help minimize snoring commonly brought about by vibration of the soft tissues found in the upper airway. Therefore, the device works in almost the same way as the ones used for sleep apnea condition. Both mouthguards help relieve the condition by keeping the airway open which results in pulling the lower jaw forward.

There are hundreds of different over-the-counter mouthguards found online and in stores. Though they claim to do away with the snoring, not much research has been done to confirm the effectiveness of the devices.

Therefore, the best way of landing a perfect mouthguard for your troubling condition, talk to your doctor about the situation. The dentist will be in a position to recommend a perfect device that worked for other patients.

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