Effective treatment for swollen gums around tooth

swollen gums around tooth

Healthy gums are vital for your overall health, so when they get to get irritated or even infected, it can be very painful. Swollen gums around tooth can be caused by several factors. Like gingivitis various types of infections, malnutrition and more. So let’s have a look at what steps you could take in order to prevent that.

1.) Maintain a good oral hygiene

Having good oral hygiene is everything, especially when it comes to maintaining healthy gums. Make sure to take care when you floss, as swollen gums are more prone to bleeding. Try to use specifically recommended toothpaste by your dentist, as well as a good antibacterial mouthwash too.

By following these steps, you should be able to relieve some of the pain.

swollen gums around tooth2.) Visit your dentist

If the swelling doesn’t go down, and the pain is getting worse, make sure to schedule an appointment with the local dentist. Your gum problems could be caused by a deeper issue, such as a certain infection and it’s important it’s treated before it spreads further.

3.) Vitamin C

Sometimes, gum issues can arise from the fact, that you are not consuming enough vitamin C. Vitamin C is vital in keeping your gums strong and healthy. Try to introduce more citrus fruits into your diets, such as oranges, lemons, and limes.

4.) Drink plenty of water

Water is important in keeping your mouth clean and keep bacteria at bay. So be sure to get your 8 or more glasses a day! Try adding some mint, for a bit of freshness and it’s antibacterial properties too.

By following the tips above, you should be able to deal and avoid the issues related to swollen gums. The main factors in keeping a healthy mouth are diet, water, hygiene, and regular checkups. Anything related to your teeth should never be put off, as in the future it could cause a lot of unwanted problems,

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