Temporary Tooth Filling: When Is It Used?

dentist checking his patient's teeth condition

There are cases when a dentist is not available at the time you broke a teeth. In cases like these, you can apply temporary tooth filling on your own. Temporary filling materials are available at pharmacies. However, you have to know that this option is only a temporary action. Visiting the dentist is still necessary. You can visit this website: and see what they can do for your broken tooth.


What is a temporary filling?

If you damaged your tooth and the dentist is not available, your dentist may recommend applying temporary tooth filling. This temporary filling will serve as the temporary treatment for your damaged teeth.

This temporary filling is not meant to last. More or less, it can only last for a week or so, which means it is only a momentary solution for your teeth concern. It would be best if you had it replaced by a permanent one.

You can watch this video on applying the temporary filling in your tooth.

Why do dentists use a temporary tooth filling?

During a dental emergency, there can be cases when the condition requires a longer time of treatment. To save the tooth initially, they will remove the decay and apply a temporary tooth filling on that same visit.

In effect, the tooth will somehow become stable. The patient can use the tooth while waiting for the permanent filling to replace it. However, it is essential to know that there will be limitations for a temporary tooth filling.

You cannot chew frequently using the tooth with an impermanent filling. The material may break or fall out. As much as possible, you have to limit your chewing on that particular side. Additionally, it would be best not to stick your tongue and frequently touch the tooth with a filling. The material may also loosen.
Temporary dental fillings mostly apply as the following:
  • Emergency cavity treatment.
  • Serve as tooth protection while waiting for the availability of the dental crown.
  • Temporary sealant after a root canal to prevent the accumulation of bacteria.
  • Dentists used temporary medicated fillings to settle down the nerves while waiting for the permanent filling.
  • Provides ample time for the dentist to do their dental work.

Temporary dental fillings are a good interim measure to protect your tooth’s nerves and gums.


What will you do in case it falls out?

If it accidentally falls out, you have to contact your dentist. Just in case your permanent filling is still not available, they will only replace it with another temporary dental filling. It is essential to meet your dentist right away to prevent further complications.

It would be best to follow the instructions of your dentist to prevent this from happening. You don’t want to spend more money than the usual just because it falls off, right? In the long run, you are still in-charge in maintaining and caring for that temporary dental filling.

Here are the usual instructions and guidelines for a temporary dental filling.

  • Avoid eating hard foods.
  • As much as possible, limit yourself from eating sticky foods.
  • With a temporary dental filling, you have to eat slowly.
  • Limit chewing on the location of the temporary dental filling.
  • Gently do your brushing and flossing.

Observing proper care will save your temporary dental filling while you are waiting for the permanent one. Remember, it is the temporary protection of your teeth, so you still have to care for them very well.


Bottom line

A temporary tooth filling will not resolve the issue on your teeth. A permanent dental filling is still necessary to replace your teeth’ damaged parts and prevent tooth decay. So, even if you have applied temporary filling on your teeth, you still have to visit your dentist when they are already available.

Always remember, if a tooth problem arises, it would be best to have permanent solutions that can last longer. Aside from that, temporary solutions do not guarantee your safety from the risk of developing other oral health issues.

In the long run, permanent fillings are still better than temporary ones. Go ahead and discuss it with your dentist at the soonest possible time.

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