The importance of dentist medical history form

dentist medical history form

What is a dentist medical history form?

Dentist medical history form is a form that contains the patients past medical information. It enables the dentist to quickly obtain the patient’s past data that is essential to provide individualized medical care and in the safest way possible. Your dentist might need your medical history from your GP for enhancing your safe treatment.

Why is it important?

A dentist medical history form is essential as it facilitates the identification of the conditions that are relevant to your current dental health or the best treatment option that should be carried out effectively.

1. Remember some types of medical conditions are more likely to cause dental problems; thus, they need to be traced from their roots. For instance, diabetes, allergies, heart disease, and epilepsy need to be investigated since they can prove to be fatal in case of dental emergencies.

2. A straight forward treatment is likely to have some severe implication on the patient health condition. Many patients don’t realize that a dentist medical history is significant since it informs the dentist of the past specific treatment that was done. For instance, patients with some form of heart disease or joint replacing need to have careful monitoring of their condition before and after the dental procedure. A dental, medical history gives a highlight to your dentist when prophylactic therapy with antibiotics is required prior to the actual dental treatment is performed. dentist medical history form

3. Healthy issues that are likely to impede wound from healing quickly, such as thyroid condition, diabetes, among others, are easy to identify with the help of the past medical history. Thus they are treated before your dental procedure can be done.

4. The patient’s allergies to some medication or uncontrolled blood pressure are fatal with the dental surgeries so early identification is the safest way and is possible with the help of dentist medical history

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