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After A Tooth Broken At Gum Line, Can It Be Saved?

After A Tooth Broken At Gum Line Can It Be Saved

Accidents cause a lot of fractures in the bones and in many cases to have painful consequences. The great news is that a patient may know the best dental services to treat severe broken and cracked teeth. You may want to know the differences between the fractures to get the best treatment for you. If you are wondering about the answers to tooth broken at the gum line and can it be saved, then contact your local dental clinic. You may find dental experts in Adelaide as well. Should you consider dental services there, you can ask them by email to find out more information.

Types of Broken Or Cracked Tooth

Needless to say, many broken or cracked teeth have different dental treatments. It is necessary for a person to know the types of tooth fractures to get the best option. A doctor’s diagnosis may discuss the potentiality of a tooth broken at the gum line can it be saved questions. Discuss with your dental health care professional about the pain and the injury. You should expect an X-ray and afterward, surgery for major issues such as an accident.

Upper Portion Of Tooth

Seen in the upper portion of a tooth, an oblique supragingival fracture is a crack that is above the gum line. This type of crack may not be felt immediately but if untreated, may cause serious issues.  The tooth is only at the surface level and any dentist may save the remaining tooth for the emergency dental treatment.

Below The Gum Line

The fracture below the gum line is called oblique subgingival fracture. It covers the tooth and reaches to the root of the jawbone. A patient may feel intense pain and will not be able to chew, speak, or open one’s mouth.  It affects the nerves in the gums if in case it doesn’t fall off. There is no need for root canal yet in this tooth fracture.

Deep Into The Bones

A broken tooth further down the gum line is an oblique root fracture. It requires professional surgical operation and needs immediate medical attention. The fracture is seen below the gums and even under the jawbones. There are many instances to save the tooth but it is not always successful. It is important that a person checks with a surgeon for any complications.

The Most Painful Cracked Tooth

A vertical apical root involves the middle of the tooth and its root. It will definitely require professional treatment and focuses on the root canal. Since there are fragments pressuring the bones, it causes extreme pain and discomfort in a person’s mouth.

Available Treatments For Fractured Tooth

Tooth Broken At Gum Line Can It Be Saved Treatments Answered

There are many ways to treat tooth broken at the gum line can it be saved problems from a patient. The most prominent way to save the tooth is via a root canal. It is a procedure that involves saving your tooth from further inflammation and bacteria buildup due to the infection. It is important to know if your fracture qualifies for a root canal procedure. Depending on the level of the buried tooth, a root canal is very painless and extremely effective.

How To Maintain Healthy Gums And Teeth

A patient may need to do follow-ups from a dentist or surgeon after the root canal treatment. Dentists may recommend certain dental brushing techniques or dental care methods. Don’t skip your dental routine and always update your dental healthcare professional about your teeth’s condition. Maintain a healthy diet and also avoid bumping your tooth as well as flossing too much.

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