How Do I Prevent And Manage Symptoms Of Tooth Infection Spreading To Body

spreading tooth infection in the body

Pulsating pain, sensitivity, and bad breath, these are only some of the symptoms of a toothache. While others could shrug a shoulder, this could no be the case for everybody. Aside from the disruption of functional tasks, toothache influences a lot of health aspects. More so, with the unmindful management, worse case scenarios could come one after the other. One of the most crucial and dangerous of all is symptoms of tooth infection spreading to the body. This event may not come noticeable to others. And could be life-threatening to some. But how do you stay vigilant on symptoms of an infected tooth or tooth abscess? What should you do on this dental emergency?

But first…


What is tooth infection?

When bacteria and pus gather inside or around the tooth or gum, this will lead to tooth infection. Also known as tooth abscess, this dental event is an emergency that you should seek a professional service immediately. Most often, this tooth infection starts from the regular toothache. And it only advances without proper care and measures. Failure to induce appropriate intervention and treatment could lead to a potential life-risking situation. Hence, it is also vital to identify tooth infection from tooth pain whenever it appears. One of the most  common signs and symptoms that tooth infection brings are:

  • Throbbing pain
  • Increased sensitivity of the mouth to pressure
  • Increased pain sensibility when eating too cold or hot foods
  • Swelling of the cheek
  • More prominent bulging of lymph nodes in the neck
  • Bad breath
  • Warm and salty oozing fluid from an infected tooth
  • Fever and breathing difficulties

Infected tooth most often common comes from poor dental hygiene paired with sugary diet and dry mouth.  These factors increase the chance of forming splits or cracks on the gums where mouth bacteria enter. From the gums, the bacteria would have access to the vessels that connects the gums to the blood. And when the bacteria continue to grow and divide in the gums and spreads in the body, a fulminant infection could arise.

prevent sypmtoms of detntal infections spreading to body

When Should I Seek Medical Attention?

A couple of painkillers usually relieves tooth pain. But, it is best to pay a visit to a dentist when toothache lasts long. Getting a professional opinion will not only prevent tooth abscess but also help save the tooth if possible. On the contrary, if signs and symptoms of tooth infection spreading to the body first appears, you should schedule a dental appointment right away. Aside from traveling to the other areas of the body, the bacteria from the tooth abscess could affect other teeth as well. This cycle could rapidly escalate the situation. During the appointment, the dentist could either do one of the following:

Antibiotic Therapy

Depending on the severity and spread of the tooth abscess, the dentist will prescribe antibiotics. The antibiotics will contain the infection and reduce inflammation around the area. In severe cases, the patient would have to receive antibiotic therapy through an intravenous drip.


To relieve the pressure on the dental root and minimise the pain, the dentist might drain the tooth abscess directly. This procedure involves making a small cut on the area.

Root Canal Treatment

When the abscess is deep in the root or inside the teeth, the dentist would have to do root canal treatment. This dental procedure involves drilling on the infected tooth to remove the infected pulp and remove the abscess. A dental filling and sealant would then replace the removed dentin and enamel.

Tooth Extraction

If there is no other option to manage the symptoms of tooth infection spreading to body, the dentist would have to pull the infected tooth out. Tooth extraction is also the only way to contain tooth abscess if the infected tooth is too damaged.


Ways To Prevent Symptoms Of Tooth Infection Spreading To Body

dental procedure for tooth infectionLooking at the dental procedure options, most will often involve anaesthesia and extended hours of procedures. Hence the best way to prevent symptoms and occurrence of tooth infections is to maintain proper dental hygiene and oral health. Watching on your choices of food will also aid in keeping your oral cavity clear from potential disease-causing agents. Aside from brushing and flossing, avoiding tobacco products are also essential in maintaining healthy oral habits.

All Things Considered

While there are options to manage and treat symptoms of tooth infection, preventing its occurrence proves to be the best course of action. And although most abscessed tooth will drain and heal on its own, it is excellent to get a dentist to look at it after. You don’t have to undergo the painful injections and dental processes when you have consistent dental care and management. Indeed, even with doing regular brushing and flossing, you get to prevent bigger dental problems such as tooth infection. Check out Southern Smiles in Miranda, NSW if you’re looking for a good dental clinic in the Sydney area.

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