When you are having tooth pain after a filling…

tooth pain after a filling with amalgam

The major reason why people get a tooth filling is in case they have tooth decay or want to correct the cavities or ease the discomfort that comes with having a bad tooth. So why do you still have tooth pain after a filling? Visit to read more and continue reading this article as well.

If you still have pain after the filling, this can simply be a reaction to the repairing process and can fade away easily. In some other instances, it’s a discomfort that requires the dentist to do an adjustment or even another tooth requires repair. Let’s explore some of the reasons that might cause tooth pain after filling and their remedy.
· It is important to understand that it is fairly normal to experience some tooth pain after a filling with resinpain after the filling, after all, your dentist was poking and drilling around your cavity. This will fade away in 2 to 3 days.
· If you have sensitivity and pain that is consistent for over a week, then the problem may be the filling itself. The issue might be in the position of the filling that is interfering with your biting and tooth order. A too high filling prevents your teeth from fitting together properly hence the discomfort.
· The type of filling used can also bring about sensitivity and pain. Research shows that patients who have undergone fillings with composite material, after some time experience shrinking slightly and this creates a gap beneath it, causing it to have pain and discomfort.

What should you do for the pain?

The best thing to do is schedule an urgent appointment with your dentist. In case of malocclusion, the dentist will be able to adjust the filling to the right size so that you can be able to bite with ease and get relief. If it’s about the sensitivity the dentist can recommend a change in the material used.
Finally, if the dentist figures out that your problem is having exposed pulp or inflamed nerve, then a root canal procedure might be needed.

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