What Is A Geriatric Doctor?

A geriatric doctor, also known as a geriatrician, is a medical doctor that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of older patients. Visit your local health center for more information about a dentist visiting elderly patients at home.

What is a geriatric doctor?

Geriatricians specialize in the disease management and prevention treatment of older adult patients. They are in charge of assessing, diagnosing, treatment and the maintenance of overall health of older patients. Many changes will occur in the bodies as the aging process will take its toll on a person. A geriatric doctor’s job is to make sure that the patient’s health is in the best possible state for their age.

Are there geriatric dentists too?

Yes, some specialized dentists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases in older patients. Age can play a major role in the overall oral health of a person and it is the job of geriatric dentists to make sure that good oral health is attained by their older patients. Experts say that if a person has a healthy mouth, it would reflect in overall health. Since older people are more susceptible to oral health issues, geriatric dentists can give advice and treatment to patients to help them maintain good oral health, even in old age.

When should a person see a geriatric doctor or dentist?

There is no right or wrong age for a person to see a geriatric doctor. Usually, people who are over 65 years old, but can still function normally, do not need to implore the aid of a geriatric doctor or dentist, because they would be able to still take care of themselves. However, if a person is increasingly frail, cannot function on their own anymore, and of their family members are feeling a great deal of stress as the caregivers to their older family members, these would be good reasons to consult a geriatrician. House calls for home doctors can be arranged for patients that are not strong enough, or no longer physically able to get out of the house. A geriatric dentist can be consulted for the same premises. If the patient would be too old to get out of the house and visit the dentist’s clinic, house calls can also be arranged. The geriatric dentist will be able to come to the patient’s home to administer treatment.

In a nutshell, if you are over 65 years old, and you are experiencing things that might be out of the ordinary for the aging process, it would be a good idea to visit a geriatric doctor for consultation. They will give you advice on how to stay healthy, even as you get older. They will be able to recommend if you would be needing any tests to screen your health, such as mammograms. If your goal is to continue to be healthy and to prevent any diseases from developing, then visiting a geriatric doctor would be the best and most logical first step you can take. They can be able to advise you on good prevention techniques that can keep you healthy during your golden years.

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