They Should Listen to You

When you first meet the Doctor, it’s a good sign if you
get to do most of the talking. After all, who knows
you better than…you!! Your needs and concerns are
VERY important to us!


Gentle, Comfortable, Care

Nowadays your dental care can be surprisingly
comfortable. With Nitrous Oxide (Gas),
stereo headphones (to block the sound),
topical anesthetic, and more, you will be amazed
at how easy your dental care can be!


Complete Quality Care

Your dentist should be able to give you an overall
or comprehensive treatment plan that will best serve
your long term as well as short-term health considerations.
“Cosmetic Dentistry” may also be a need or option.


Reasonable and Fair Cost

We know how valuable your time and money are to you.
That’s why our goal is “on-time” appointments, why we
have available several financial options, and also why we have
a special continuing care program that saves you money!


Preventive Dentistry

You may have had problems in the past and also now,
but the future is an open book. Your dentist should help you
prevent future dental problems with all that is done for you.