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When Can I Eat Solid Food After Tooth Extraction?

when can i eat solid food after tooth extraction

After tooth extraction surgery, a blood clot is formed around the socket. This blood clot is very important as it protects the site where an extraction has been done. Immediately after the teeth extraction, the pain may be moderate and it will cease within 48 hours, only soft food after surgery are allowed. The teeth healing may take about 3 to 4 weeks to completely heal but this is possible with proper following the dentist instructions. When can i eat solid food after tooth extraction? well, your dentist will advise you on how to how to eat and drink so as to care the site where extraction was done to avoid damage to the site.

First day 
One of the factors that will determine if you can eat solid when can i eat solid food after tooth extraction food after a tooth extraction is the volume of surgery. If it was a surgery that actually involved a large part of the tooth drilling then it may take more time for this part to completely heal. On this day the dentist may recommendations using fine foods that require little or no chewing or fluids

Day two and three
Healing has properly begun but this does not mean chewing very hard food so soft foods are recommended and properly avoiding sugary foods. You can chew solid foods but make sure that the side where surgery was done is avoided

First weeks
Within about two weeks following the surgery, it is still recommended to avoid chewing food at the extraction site since this temper with the healing process. At this time much of the healing has occurred and so you can resume to your common meals. Note sour foods should be avoided until the site has fully cured. This is important so that the extraction site is not irritated. Also, avoid crumbling and sticky foods that can remove the clot if you chew near the extraction site.

Preventive measures. Always keep this area clean after the meal, as you follow the doctor’s instructions for cleaning.

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