When is Pulpotomy Procedure Needed?

pulpotomy procedure

When a tooth is damaged, it leaves the pulp open to decay and infection which in turn irritates the nerve and thus causing pain. If the problem has not spread too far, the dentist will suggest an endodontic treatment by trying to keep the tooth until it is replaced by a permanent tooth. When a dentist notices a broken tooth, he can prescribe a pulpotomy. The pulpotomy procedure basically removes the pulp from the tooth to prevent irritation or infection. While this may seem intimidating it is the preferred treatment for children if the damage is not too serious.

Pulpotomy procedure

The first step a dentist will make is to scan a damaged tooth to make sure they know exactly how much damage has occurred and which pulpotomy procedure is helpful. The damage should be away from the nerve so that the tooth can be saved by pulpotomy otherwise the tooth will be pulled up or root canal will be done pulpotomy procedure

The dentist injects the solution to freeze in the area and then a drill is used to removes the tooth decay. When accessing the pulp, the dentist removes the inside of the tooth until only the pulp remains inside the root. A special sterile swab and the pulp fits tightly into the cavity and heals the infections and cavities.

After some time, the dentist moves to the next procedure where they fill the entrance to the tooth using agents such as zinc oxide as a putty. It is a durable material, but it is not tough enough to endure the pressure of chewing hence a  dental crown is needed to cover the tooth.

Note the pulpotomy procedure may seem to be very scary but not always true. One benefit of this treatment is that you still have your tooth without suffering. The pulpotomy procedure is a relatively simple procedure that will give you an excellent chance of a healthy smile.

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