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Why Do Dental Implants Cost So Much?

why do dental implants cost so much

A lot of dentists conclude that when talking about tooth replacements, the best option would always go to dental implants. This is confirmed as evidenced by patients who chose this method with the amazing results they’ve experienced. Click on this link to learn more:

However, why is it that even though this is the best option, it’s not opted by many patients who suffered tooth loss? Why would they still prefer complete or partial dentures? The answer to the question is simple – dental implants are expensive and they find it hard to afford. So another question arises – why do dental implants cost so much? Here are some facts.

Reality check – upfront costs of dental implants are way higher in comparison to other options of tooth replacement. However, there are some costs applied to these options that don’t to dental implants.

For example, when you opt for dentures, you have no choice but to buy a container to store them plus a special cleanser for cleaning purposes, not to mention an adhesive. These products may be inexpensive, but imagine how much you’re spending since you need to buy them repeatedly year after year.

why do dental implants cost so much

Another fact of dental bridges and dentures would be their lifespan. Time will come when these tooth replacement devices would be worn out. Dental bridges can last from five to fifteen years while dentures can be fully functional between five and ten years. Therefore at some point, you’ll have no choice but to replace them. Additionally, it’s a must for dentures to be readjusted according to the alignment changes of your teeth, before being replaced.

In the case of dental bridges, there is a risk of damage to the adjacent teeth. Upfront costs may be lesser compared to dental implants, but more dental procedures are required, hence, leading to higher overall costs in the long run.

Dental implants may be more pricy compared to dentures and bridges. But here’s an interesting reason as to why it’s the most cost-effective choice. You don’t need to apply special care to dental implants. All you need to do is brush and floss your teeth like what you’re doing with your natural teeth.

As long as you take care of your teeth, no repair or replacement is needed. There’s also low to zero risk of damaging the adjacent teeth. So why do dental implants cost so much? It’s because all the costs needed are already spread out for a lifetime.

Cost Variation of Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants is on a case-to-case basis, depending on the patient’s oral health. If a patient has already lost bone mass, there’s a possibility that bone grafting is required and this can add up to the overall cost of dental implants. Those with healthy bone structure may spend less since no extra surgical procedure is needed.

An effective technique for those who prefer dental implant is to consider it right away once you’ve experienced tooth loss. The longer you wait, the more bone mass you’ll be losing, hence, leading to a more costly dental implant procedure.

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