How long does it take for Invisalign to work?

how long does it take for invisalign to work

We may have heard about the wonders that Invisalign can do to our teeth since it is the newest innovation in the orthodontic world. It addresses both aesthetic and functional complaints on traditional braces, making them the top choice for teeth straightening. Is it worth it to get an Invisalign clear aligner?And how long does it take for Invisalign to work?

Invisalign timeline

On average, a person with Invisalign aligners can have an estimated 12 months treatment time, enough to correct and hold the correct teeth positioning in place. After the aligners did their part, orthodontic retainers can be prescribed and may take another few months to make sure that the jaws are conditioned to hold the new teeth placement. However, this estimation may vary depending on the patient and the type of Invisalign they use.

The severity of the malocclusion. Mild to moderate crookedness or overcrowding of the teeth may be corrected faster than severe overbites and others.

The age of the patient. It is found out that correcting your teeth alignment at an earlier age can shorten the treatment time.

how long does it take for invisalign to workThe kind of Invisalign. Your orthodontic problem will determine which Invisalign type is recommended for you to use. Some may be used for 6 months because its treatment scope is less than the typical Invisalign treatment.

The patient’s discipline. These aligners are removable but should be worn 20 to 22 hours a day for it to work. If a patient fails to monitor his use and is negligent of his orthodontic procedure, chances are his treatment period will be longer than those who know how to follow instructions.

Are you ready to have straight teeth that complements your radiant smile? Consult your dentist to know if the Invisalign System is the best orthodontic procedure for you and your needs!

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