How much does it cost to replace a missing tooth?

cost to replace a missing tooth

No one doesn’t know how important is maintaining a good oral hygiene. Ensuring regular brushing and flossing of teeth at least twice each day and making regular visits to a dentist are the best habits to help individual lower their risks of developing different dental problems. Many people will tend to visit a dentist when the situation seems to worsen. If root canal treatment or dental filling seems to be no more a solution, extraction of the tooth will remain to be the option to go with. After an extraction has been completed, considering a dental implant will be what the patient will be thinking of.  A tooth implant cost is considered to be the most expensive but it may vary on different factors. Besides this option, a dental bridge is also another alternative. Herein you will learn all about the cost and options to replace a missing tooth.

Cost of Dental Implants

This is among the most preferred option for many people who need to do tooth replacement. For this process, a screw is fitted to an individual’s jawbone and on top of the screw, placement of a prosthesis is done. The cost you for carrying out one implant normally vary depending on the material types used to make the used prosthesis, location of the medical centre you will visit, and greatly the dentist qualification. The cost will range from $ 1600 to $ 5000 for one implant.

Cost of Dental Bridgedental bridge to replace a missing tooth

This is also another option considered by others. This is actually a prosthesis that makes use of adjacent teeth support. The abutment teeth here will require to be contoured and this will actually involve removal of part of the enamel. Space will be created for the replacement. An impression of teeth is taken to help make your dental bridge. The cost of this process varies depending on the material type used to make your bridge. The cost ranges from $ 700 to about $ 1500 for a single tooth.

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