What To Expect At First Dental Appointment

dental appointment

Smiling is a sign of happiness. The most conspicuous part of the face when laughing is the teeth. Our dental formulas are unique. Just like fingerprints, they are used to identify us when other features are compromised. Our teeth are attached to our skulls. This means that they are firm and hard to withstand the crushing forces synonymous with food ingestion. Despite this turgidity, our teeth can degenerate over time if necessary measures are not taken to maintain their original form.

visiting a dentist regularlyThat is why visiting a dentist regularly goes a long way in ensuring that your teeth stand the test of time. Here’s what to expect when you schedule the first appointment with the dentist.

  • Thorough dental examination

Medical practitioners prefer to work with historical information. A dentist is no different. It’s advisable to start your regular dental assessments while still young. You are bound to be asked a lot of questions that will be recorded for future reference. The examination will put a specific focus on the teeth, gums and the mouth in general. Going forward, this information will form the text from which your dentist will gauge your dental integrity.

  • Dental cleaning

Depending on the outcome of the examination, a dental appointment will probably feature extensive cleaning from a dental hygienist. This procedure helps in:

Cleaning the area around the gum line.
• Removing built-up plaque that might cause tooth cavities and gum disease.
• X-ray examination in the case of aged patients or unseen gum problems.

  • Advice about good dental care

The role of a dentist is to advise about proper dental care. Healthy teeth are not just good looking. It’s the day by daycare that ensures long-term adverse effects are nipped in the bud. The dentist’s counsel should be taken seriously.

It’s advisable that you visit the dentist at least every six months. It’s also important to select a dentist that you are comfortable with. Health issues require disclosure of as much personal information as possible.

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