Short Dental Implants

short dental implants

Dental implants are the solution to people with missing teeth, decayed teeth or broken teeth that are beyond repair. They not only work as tooth replacements, but also as a prevention to bone loss. Gaps in the teeth are very risky because they induce bone loss. As a result, any person with a missing or damaged tooth is encouraged to visit this Sydney dental implant specialists site to read more info. When considering dental implants, a patient may have to opt between short dental implants and long dental implants.

A short dental implant tends to offer much more flexibility in challenging situations. Dentists are able to confidently carry out the procedure, avoiding any vital structures and eliminating the need for multiple grafting procedures. Longer dental implants are not considered better. In most cases the short dental implants tend to offer the better solution. .

Most dental implant patients usually have a limited bones height.This means that when longer implants are placed, risks are usually presented in the inferior alveolar and maxillary sinus nerves. Bone grafting can alleviate these risks but will translate into more financial burden for the patient. There are also risks involved in bone grafting procedures that most patients find to be unacceptable.

On the other hand, short implants offer a more simple, consistent and short dental implantspredictable form of treatment. These implants tend to be around 4 to 8 millimeters in length while long dental implants are those over 8 millimeters.

Furthermore, the healing time for long dental implants is much longer than that of short dental implants. Advancement in dental technology now allow for previously unfit patients to benefit from dental implants. When opting for the type of dental implant, a short dental implant seems to be by far a better choice. This kind of treatment is also more affordable, time efficient and much less risky.

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