Toothache after filling: What are the odds?

toothache after filling

A tooth filling is aimed at relieving discomfort on the tooth caused by decay and cavities. But are you experiencing toothache after filling? If yes, you don’t have to worry as this is common.  The process itself involves drilling and poking around the tooth that sometimes might be the underlying cause. However, the pain should fade within 3 days. Know why you feel it and how to treat and prevent such pain after tooth fillings.

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Other causes of toothache after filling

Reaction to the tooth. The tooth might react from the material used through the filling process
Tooth sensitivity. A tooth that has undergone a filling procedure will be sensitive to temperature, pressure, hot/cold food. this might take a week to fade
Change in bite. The filling placed on the affected tooth may sometimes be irregularly shaped and might be taller than the others, causing pain when eating or closing the mouth.

Tooth pain after your filling procedure may last within one or two weeks. It may subside on its own as you get used to the new feeling of having corrected tooth fissures. If you continue experiencing pain more than a week, visit the dentist to examine what might be wrong.


How to relieve toothache after filling?toothache after filling procedure

Avoid sensitive teeth triggers like hot/cold foods and acidic foods. It’s advisable to use desensitizing toothpaste to minimize pain on the filling.
Chew on the opposite side. Avoid chewing food with the side that has been filed. This will minimize unnecessary pressure on the tooth.
Gently brush and floss. You will not want to put pressure on the gum in the affected area. Always be gentle to this area when brushing and flossing
Oral medication. Get over the counter medication like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.



Good oral hygiene is very important to prevent cavities and decays forming on your tooth. Get a certified dentist to have your filling done to avoid simple complications that may cause prolonged pain. However, you will find plenty of option to cope up with the pain. If the pain persists, make a point of visiting the dentist again.

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