What is the average cost of different braces types

braces types and colors

Braces are recommended to patients who show or have various denture problems. The problems can be caused by crooked teeth, underbite, overcrowding and overbite. Those problems can later lead to gum disease, tooth pain, headaches and decay. Who does not want an appealing smiling regardless of their teeth problem? Though the braces help in improving someone’s denture structure they come at a cost. There is a variety in the price of orthodontic braces in Australia, Europe, US etc. We are here to help with the prices comparison to get the best deal. We will provide details for both children and adult braces types cost.

Braces help in making chewing much easy and better, with improvement in tooth functionality. The braces cost depends on the complexity of your realignment and the choice of your orthodontist.

Traditional Braces Cost

It is the cheapest option, and the conventional metal braces cost between $3000 to $8000 for retaining. Metal brackets are fastened around your teeth and tightened to bring the teeth to their desired structure. The arch wire that connects the teeth is held together by an elastic band. The cost does not involve maintenance and aftercare.

Ceramic Braces Cost braces types - ceramic

Ceramic braces are better than the normal ones. They cost between $3500-$8000. They are more expensive because their treatment takes much longer. They can be colorful.

Invisible Braces Cost

They are priced at $3500-8500 and are discreet. It takes more time to fix the teeth with invisible braces and are comparatively new to the market. The invisible aligners are removable and transparent thus they are not like the conventional braces. Custom-fit trays to move the teeth to their desired structures are used.

Lingual Braces Cost

They cost between $5000 to 13000 and are put on the back of the teeth instead of the front. The technical skills and technology required to put the braces are higher than traditional braces input.

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